[Classic Cheats] Super Mario Bros. – Game Over Man, Game Over!


Classic titles didn’t have much in terms of ‘saves slots’ or ‘checkpoints’. Instead, you learned to cherish every life you had to accomplish your mission. Old school games were an exercise of trial and error and starting from the beginning if you failed beyond what was acceptable. Well, this little cheat alleviates that. Once at the the “Game Over” screen for either Player 1 or 2, simply hold the A button and hit start. Instead of going back to 1-1 – you’ll start at the beginning of the world you were in. So if you’re on world 5-4 you’ll start at 5-1. [via BI]

8-bit Freerunning Takes It To a New Level

Parkour is pretty awesome. Every once in awhile I’ll find myself dragged into a YouTube parkour video watching spree. Similar to the wikipedia knowledge rabbit hole of link clicking. Now, mix parkour with a little 8-bit theme and you’ve got our full undivided attention. This guy, Jason Paul, does some cool freerunning while battling ninjas and leveling up in this 8-bit themed video. Also, check out the behind-the-scenes making of video. Not how I expected them to shoot this at all. [via mashable]

[Classic Cheats] Super Mario Bros – A Fireball Shooting Mini Mario

I like to think I know all the ins and outs of Super Mario Bros. but apparently I don’t. I’m collecting these cheats (some are more like glitches but cool nonetheless) under a new section [Classic Cheats] – which will probably expand to other titles, but for now we start with Super Mario Bros.. I’ll post each over the next few days with clear steps – some have video so it won’t be hard. First up – shoot fireballs as mini Mario…watch the video or follow step-by-step directions after the jump. Spoiler…it’s not difficult. [via cheat database]


How Does this 8-bit Art Make You Feel?


Artist Adam Lister has recreated some famous paintings, as well as other notable pop culture icons, into 8-bit works of art. Or as we like to call it 8-bitilism…it’s OK you can use that term…just remember where you got it from. Head over to Adam’s Gallery and check out the rest of his work. When you have a chance of course…don’t want to rush art. [via Mashable]

Apparently Mario Drives a Mercedes

Interesting team up here…Nintendo and Mercedes. At first, it seems like a strange combo but then realizing who they’re targeting (people in their 30’s who grew up with Mario aka me) it starts to make sense. Even Honda is trying to get me to buy a car by tugging at my He-Man nostalgia heart strings.  Unfortunately, for them, it won’t work. But valiant effort you mega-money car manufacturers. Although, I guess they’re winning because I’m writing about this and sharing their video…damnit. Just stop using my childhood against me. [via BI]

Game of Super Mario Thrones – An Intro Mash-Up

Well…this seems fitting. The only other thing that could really tie these two worlds together would be finding the Princess dead in a castle…at the hands of Luigi. Talk about surprise season ending. YouTube user NicksplosionFX put this together and being fans of both of these worlds – we approve. [via BI]

[Spoilers] True Detective for Our 8-Bit World

I actually haven’t watched this all the way through. Since, well, I’m probably one of the last people on the planet who, is using a friend’s HBO GO account and hasn’t finished this show. Spoilers don’t usually bother me – since the journey means much more – unless it’s something on par with Usual Suspects or  what I think is in store for the first season of the highly acclaimed True Detective. Either way, someone has put the show into 8-bit form as a classic RPG – just how we like it. [Mashable]

This Nintendo is Made from Solid Aluminum

Screenshot 2014-09-29 at 10.32.32 PM

Analogue Interactive has been known to re-design the classics in interesting ways. Now they’ve gone an extra step with the classic NES and Famicom systems by machining them out of a single solid block of aluminum. Yup. Made this one out of a single block of aluminum…took me about 70 man hours. I believe it is what your people call a ‘Nintendo’. Either way – this beautifully designed take on a classic can be pre-ordered over at the Analogue Interactive site. Where you’ll have your choice of colors…and that’s about it. It’s on the pricier side (note it’s not an emulator) at $499 but is pretty slick. [Engadget]


8-bit Harmonica Is Exactly How It Sounds

Try not to over analyze this one. It’s a harmonica that pumps out pixelated sounds waves. We like it and so should you. Japanese inventor Basami Sentaku has a place in the 8bitreview Hall of Fame…if we had such a thing. [soundworks]

Matrix: Reloaded with 8-bit Sound Design

One thing I can say is that Matrix: Reloaded was a crappy film. I could spend a few paragraphs on why but that is for…another blog. Not much could make it better except for maybe an 8-bit sound redesign. Phillip Raupach did just that and submitted it to an arts competition at San Francisco State University – it ended up winning for Best Sound Design at the SFSU 2013 BECAfest. We of course love the makeover. [business insider]

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