Pong, Pac-Man and Super Mario Bros. among first to make Gaming Hall of Fame

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In case you didn’t know – there’s a World Video Game Hall of Fame. I mean…of course there is. Thankfully this is a HoF that gets it right – as their first class includes titles that deserve it like; Pong, Pac-Man, Super Mario Bros. and Tetris among others. The Hall of Fame is hosted…powered by…run by…The Strong – National Museum of Play, which by reading their About Us section sounds like an awesome place. [Ars Technica]


File under things I probably don’t need; 8-bit Mario Amiibo


At this point this is most definitely old news. Think this was leaked just before E3. But Nintendo plans on (or is already) making a classic 8-bit Mario Amiibo. Great. I honestly have no clue what the frack an Amiibo is…I could Google it but I have a feeling I’m not going to care anyways. I’ll save the bandwidth. Guess in my old age crap like this doesn’t impress me, but I’m sure the kids love it. I don’t know. [Engadget]

Crossy Road studio building ‘Pac-man 256’; a mobile game based on a classic glitch


Guess it was just a matter of time. The studio behind the hit mobile game Crossy Road is working on a new mobile title based on the famous level 256 glitch in Pac-Man. Looks like we can expect the game this summer – and although it hasn’t been officially announced – I’m sure it’ll hit both iOS and Android. Based on the screenshots it looks like you’re in a race to beat the glitch from catching you while eating pellets and ghosts. It’ll be totally free to play (knowing how they built Crossy Road I’m sure there will be in game purchases). [via BI]


NHL arena gets a Blades of Steel takeover

Even though the 8-bit offices are predominantly Bruins fans – we can’t help but get a little giddy with this one. NHL playoffs are easily the best playoffs to watch – and this is one of the reasons why. Extravagant opening ceremonies that borderline epic and ridiculous. The Tampa Bay lightning nailed it with a Blades of Steel on ice projection – turning the entire arena into an 8-bit video game. The video above is just a comp of what it would look like but you get the idea. You can find some fan footage if you do some Googling – we’ll leave that to you. [via The Verge]

Mayweather vs Pacquiao Punch-Out!! style

Oh, this is just good. Noober Goober Gaming strikes again this time recreating the much over hyped (and later overrated) fight between Mayweather and Pacquiao. I didn’t watch it but from what I hear this video sums it up perfectly. [via Laughspin]

Hayao Miyazaki’s ‘Spirited Away’ as an 8-bit game

I haven’t actually seen the original film Spirited Away but after watching this I am interested. Cinefix yet again applies their 8-bit skills to create that 8-bit (sometimes 16-bit) feeling we all love so much. [via /film]


This video game music will put you to sleep, no really

A bit out of the 8-bit realm but it’s late and we can’t help ourselves. Norihiko Hibino – the composer known for the Metal Gear Solid games – has put together (apparently 2 or II volumes) of video game covers with an easy listening / jazz feel. It’s strange, but works…I think. It’s completely comprised of saxophone and piano as played by pianist Ayaki. The album is available now and certainly gives a new perspective to some classic video game tunes. [via Verge]

Check out Hyrule as a living map in your browser

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Have you ever wanted to quickly scale across Hyrule from a bird’s eye view? Well, you can thanks to a few developers who decided to build an HTML5 version of the famous land from A Link to the Past. It’s cool. We enjoy it. [via Verge]

Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer gets 16-bit treatment

We’re letting those 8-bits slide for a 16-bit version of the new Star Wars trailer. The above is thanks to Noober Goober Gaming. [via Jared]

Game of Hyrule; Legend of Zelda gets a Game of Thrones opening

Mashup, mashup, mashup! We enjoy them – especially when they’re of two things we love. [via Mashable]

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