Mayweather vs Pacquiao Punch-Out!! style

Oh, this is just good. Noober Goober Gaming strikes again this time recreating the much over hyped (and later overrated) fight between Mayweather and Pacquiao. I didn’t watch it but from what I hear this video sums it up perfectly. [via Laughspin]

Hayao Miyazaki’s ‘Spirited Away’ as an 8-bit game

I haven’t actually seen the original film Spirited Away but after watching this I am interested. Cinefix yet again applies their 8-bit skills to create that 8-bit (sometimes 16-bit) feeling we all love so much. [via /film]


This video game music will put you to sleep, no really

A bit out of the 8-bit realm but it’s late and we can’t help ourselves. Norihiko Hibino – the composer known for the Metal Gear Solid games – has put together (apparently 2 or II volumes) of video game covers with an easy listening / jazz feel. It’s strange, but works…I think. It’s completely comprised of saxophone and piano as played by pianist Ayaki. The album is available now and certainly gives a new perspective to some classic video game tunes. [via Verge]

Check out Hyrule as a living map in your browser

Screenshot 2015-05-13 at 11.07.14 PM


Have you ever wanted to quickly scale across Hyrule from a bird’s eye view? Well, you can thanks to a few developers who decided to build an HTML5 version of the famous land from A Link to the Past. It’s cool. We enjoy it. [via Verge]

Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer gets 16-bit treatment

We’re letting those 8-bits slide for a 16-bit version of the new Star Wars trailer. The above is thanks to Noober Goober Gaming. [via Jared]

Game of Hyrule; Legend of Zelda gets a Game of Thrones opening

Mashup, mashup, mashup! We enjoy them – especially when they’re of two things we love. [via Mashable]

Pacapong! The mashup you didn’t know you needed


Your mind is about to be blown. Pacapong is the ultimate mashup of Pac-Man, Pong and Space Invaders. Developed for a Mini Ludum Dare challenge where developers could use any framework at their disposal to build a Pong like game – without explicitly recreating it. With parameters like that you get Pacapong. Check it out at the kingPenguin Pacapong site. [via Engadget | Image: kingPenguin]

‘Space Invaders’ with real lasers; what could go wrong?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing could go wrong. The video breaks down tools used and how it works – it’s even playable via webcam. [via Engadget]

Interstellar as a text based adventure game


This might fall a bit lower than 8-bit but it’s still pretty great. Interstellar was a fun sci-fi flick, even with a ridiculous ending, and it’s even fun as a text based game. Check it out: and try to not get too sucked in. [via /film]

Netflix Hack Day gets creative with an NES cartridge

I still think the best NES hack is to just make it work properly with no crazy bells and whistles. But hey, what do I know. Netflix had a Hack Day this year – which allows teams of engineers to take a breather from building algorithms that recommend me stuff I don’t want to watch – to build something crazy. One example of that is from engineers Guy Cirino, Carenina Motion and Alex Wolfe who built DarNES. DarNES harnesses the classic 256KB cartridge we all know and love as a Netflix player. Check out the video above to see it in action. It’s actually pretty cool. [via Engadget]

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