[8bit Review] is here!

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Hello Cyberworld,

I know. You’re probably asking yourself do we really need another video game site/blog? No, you don’t but we were bored and felt that other gaming sites are just getting out of hand. We’re going to keep it simple and get back to basics: Gaming. [hence the 8bit, get it – it’s a play on words] We’ll be adding some features in the near future to the website but at all times we are going to maintain simplicity and stay true to what we’ve started. We’re also going to have fun with it and will probably get pretty opinionated (watch for falling sarcasm) but at the same time try to stay as unbiased as possible. None of us are really fanboys of any particular system so this won’t be a 360 chat room or a blog about PS3. No system bashing here, well, unless its deserved of course. For example we won’t have any PS3 reviews up yet cause we’re too poor to own one. Not a bash – just fact. My salary of unemployed can’t handle the financial investment of a new gaming system. But I hear the price is dropping in ’08 – another blog post.

Also, there aren’t many of us so if you feel you can contribute in any way whether it be topics to discuss or even reviews send us an email at general@8bitreview.com. Hope you enjoy the site.

thanks for reading,