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Assassins Creed
Why is it that every developer, nowadays, feels the need to create an overdramatic, altogether pretentious, storyline that follows gameplay through a seemingly endless bout of crappy dialogue and derisory characters? Now, before you clench your mouse tighter than Great White masticating a seal pup, hear me out. I, as much as the next guy, love to explore underwater cities and slay monstrous dragons but games that currently profess a reputation for “realism” stray too far from modern-day issues and undermine the people who play them.

Games today are becoming such a financial investment and production that its time we leveled the playing field and held them to the same expectations that we do for films and novels. Why can’t a video game be revolutionary, explore contemporary dilemmas, or even just tell a morale story? Personally I think that both developers and publishers undercut the average gamers’ intellect and in turn create games for the mentally atrophied.

Who do I blame for this? I have a rather long list, starting back with early days of video gaming, but currently I hold accountable Ubisoft. Yes, I’ve dished out $49.95 for nearly every game that Ubisoft has regurgitated and loved a part of almost every one of them. The reason I place so much blame, on Ubisoft, is because they are at such an amazing, opportunistic, vantage point but yet never follow through. Ubisoft has tirelessly made games that offer a realistic/tactical premise but fail to deliver a realistic story. How many times am I going to have to shoot a terrorist from fill-in-the-blank-astain. Poor, broke-down, Russia is constantly berated with leftover nuke syndrome in every half-baked shooter that Ubisoft has cooked up. I swear I’m going to move to Kazakhstan just to see who they shoot in Ubisoft’s games!

Why does Ubisoft feel the need to create such overly convoluted storylines, when real world events would give players something to relate too? Another, case in point, is Assassins Creed (Spoiler Alert). Why do I need to be strapped to a bogus contraption, accessing some long dead ancestor’s memories, to assassinate people thousands of years ago? Do you understand how asinine that sounds? I feel embarrassed even thinking about the plot. Hell, even low budget movie producers wouldn’t touch that script with their unimaginative sausage-like fingers.

Now I know that all of us at 8bit don’t necessarily see eye to eye, all the time, but I think that we can all agree that gaming should be approaching a new era and its time we started getting more from a gaming experience. I understand the wants, of many gamers, to escape reality and kick back with a good game but it doesn’t mean the story can’t be engrossing and meaningful. If developers were to create such a game I think they would be pleasantly surprised with the reaction.