Street Fighter Meh

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Am I the only one that is wholly underwhelmed with the concept behind Street Fighter IV? From everything I’ve read it sound more or less like a rehash cashing in on the nostalgia of wistful aging gamers. I miss the concept of progression in fighting games. The first thing that the Tekkens and Soul Calibers of the world get called on is their inability to change the formula. Read any Soul Caliber sequel review and you will see the critical crutch in there. For some reason all of the game sites are getting smitten with the nostalgia that Capcom is repackaging like the Strokes repackaging the Cars. But then I guess that ‘s the nature of “gaming journalism,” make the previews sound amazing so you increase excitement and get more hits on your site, and then destroy the game in a review to maintain a narrative voice and your last shred of credibility. Gross.

Anyway, there is a pretty great article over at Wired that explains the why’s and how’s of Street Fighter IV.