Motorcycle Game That Is Cool But A Stretch For This Space

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Let’s get a few things straight on this one before I get into what I actually want to show you. None of us own or plan to own Macs. There is no heading above for Mac games, because generally they are non-existent. When they do exist, they’re watered down versions of PC games. Further, none of us own motorcycles. I can’t speak for the others but my mother made me promise her I’d never buy one. Something about safety. I can’t remember exactly.

All that said, this Honda moto sim for Mac is pretty fucking cool. It takes advantage of and OS X software element that knows when the laptop is tipsy. Tilt to the left and you bank left, right and you bank right. Pretty simple. The only other game I’ve seen like this is a puzzle game meant for ThinkPads that employs similar software meant to protect the laptop’s hard drive before a drop.

Anyway, check out the Honda game here. Just a video demo so far, but that’ll be enough for most of us.

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