[8bit Crap] Pacman Grenades

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If you’ve got $350 burning a hole in your pocket and you really sweat Pacman, we’ve got the knickknack for you! Peter Gronquist, some stuck-up LA artist who thinks he’s much better than you, just opened a show of blinged-out weaponry. Beside the usual Louis Vuitton Electric Chair and Prada Kalashnikovs (yawn) there were the above pictured grenades. Gold plated and resembling our favorite ghost eater, they’re pretty cool and we wish we could lob a few around the [8bit] office. Just for fun, really. We don’t actually want to blow up, especially at $350 a pop. I wonder what a regular, exploding type grenade runs these days. Kav, a little help with that? If you can be bothered, check out the rest of the ____ness of the show here. [notcot.org]

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