Sony, IGA and EA…oh my!

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I’ve always been interested with the in-game advertising, seeing where it is and where it might go. Well this recent agreement by Sony, IGA, and EA, (by the way can we get a break from EA, really?) shows the movement of in-game advertising and how important some big players think it is. IGA signed a two year agreement with EA to become the media company’s exclusive global, dynamic in-game advertising partner for PS3 titles, which include:  Madden NFL, NBA LIVE, NASCAR and NHL hockey. “IGA’s dynamic in-game advertising platform allows for in-game ad
elements to be updated in real time, keeping ads fresh and relevant to
each gamer. EA works closely with IGA to ensure that
advertising is placed appropriately within the game environment in
order to reflect an authentic gaming experience.” I’m sure.

IGA – they have a pretty interesting video to start