In-Game Ads: PS3 and Double Fusion Team Up

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So the in game ads continue this week with Sony choosing Double Fusion as their in game ad provider. The deal will apply to both SCEE and SCEA, with Double Fusion already in talks with a number of publishers. Double Fusion’s clients include NCsoft, Gearbox and Eidos. With their latest deal this will only “strengthen the growing medium in the wider advertising ecosystem” – says president and CEO Jonathan Epstein. Advertising ecosystem? Really? Holy bullshit marketing talk, Batman: Dark Knight coming to theatres July 18th, I already have my ticket cause its going to kick ass. Ecosystem must be the new “Marketing Buzz word.” Ughh buzz words. Its an organic advertising ecosytem that will be fluid into the next quarter. ::in lame ass marketing voice::  Fucking annoying. What I don’t get is – isn’t it tough to have in game ads when you have no games? chicken – egg – egg – chicken. []