Warner Music Wants More Money; Activision Hits Back

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Warner music recently said that they should receive more on royalties from tracks on games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band. Well Activision Blizzard’s CEO Robert Kotick thinks differently and had some comments for Warner Music. Stating that they failed to mention the benefits to music sales from Guitar Hero and that they aren’t realizing the affect these games have on bringing new audiences into the market. Kotick went on to say, “I think his view was…that [Warner Music] should be compensated the
way they might for a performance on iTunes. But this is an entirely
different business that is very technically complex. We’re going to
favour those publishers that recognise and appreciate how much we can
add value to their artists,” and 

“We’re introducing a whole new group of artists to new audiences that
is resulting in their iTunes downloads being exponentially higher than
they would otherwise be, [as well as] new album sales and new
merchandising opportunities.” Basically, go f**k yourselves. The music industry’s lack of vision on technology is very surprising…isn’t anyone over there paying attention? [gamesindustry.biz]