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The embargo has been lifted on the reviews for Spore and they are sounding very apologetic. The last time I read reviews that had this tone, it was for Ninja Gaiden II and we all know how that poorly designed, linear, lag fest turned out. So I still can’t beat the two flaming armadillos! What of it? I have not touched Spore, so this is about as uninformed as one can get…but something feels amiss. The reviews seem to take in too much consideration for who made the game. So what we are getting is a heavy critique, but a highish score. So it’s like when a friend reviews a friend’s band. The review score becomes biased because you don’t want to burn any bridges. So if Spore is sitting around and 88% average for the time being my guess is that this is about a 78 of a game. Though honestly, who of you thieving nihilistic PC gamers are going to actually pay for this thing anyway?

Check out the reviews here.