Cliffy B: Top 1 Thing Not to Say – So You Don’t Sound Weird

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Cliffy, the Cliffster, the Cliffmeister…Cliffy B. – a word to the wise. Saying funny things works only in context and/or must be in a general enough of catagory that we all get you. Saying “This would be a great job if I wanted to sleep with 15 year-old boys.” – fits in neither scenario. The new cool guy who drives a Lamborghini Spyder, came up with one of the biggest games ever – with the next biggest game, its sequel, coming out at midnight tonight and earned his nickname Cliffy B. from some 15 yr old jocks back in high school, had a few other hilarious ones when talking on Irish radio station RedFM. Irish radio station? Really? How do any songs get played? Either way Cliffy B. in a lenghty interview, discussed how GOW was a bare-bones story and with its success has allowed not only the making of a sequel but a more developed story line. That’s what success gets you – a sequel, developed story lines and an F’n Lamborghini. You can check out audio from the interview at []