Midnight Madman

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I don’t know what feels worse, that horrible guilt ridden feeling I get after I leave a strip club, or waiting in a greasy line in front of my local GameStop for a midnight release. You guessed it, your humble blogger sacrificed sleep and pride last night to pick up Gears of War 2 at midnight. I left my house and about 11:00, deciding to pick up some butts to hopefully mask the smell of French fries, energy drinks and sexual frustration that was bound to be the line. I get to the counter of a 7-11 and there is a stack of Gears staring at me behind the counter. Alas, I pre-ordered mine with money down at GameStop, money that I know I would have to fight to get back. So I suck it up and head to the train, trying to convince myself that the Gold Hammerburst is worth a hour and a half not playing the game and the inconvenience to standing with my dick out in Brookline (Spoiler: It wasn’t).

The line is what I expected. I was probably one of the oldest people in the line. It hurt. I closed my eyes and inhaled picturing my wife in bed, the cat purring near her thigh, the old days when I just considered myself knowledgeable about books, music and films and not the cummed in corpse of gaming. The smell of French fries was unbearable. Conversations about Fallout suddenly bring me back to reality and then a funny thing happened. I stopped hating everyone around me, and I started…conversing with them. The free form jazz of gaming conversation took hold and we just riffed off of the excitement of the moment. My hate subsided. And for all their white heads, dyed hair and failed exams…these are still good people. Honest, hard working, salt of the earth, blue balled people.

GameStop itself was fairly organized, more so than I was expecting considering all the hate I spew their way. They weren’t the enemy tonight, I was. A pompous little blogger ashamed of his desires and spitting virtual vitriol at strangers. I walked into this experience thinking this was my final midnight release. I don’t know if I can honestly say that anymore. Oh, by the way. Gears 2 is great. For our full review read that last line eight or nine times.