Mirror’s Edge Preview

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Electronic Arts! What the fuck do you think you are doing!? I mean come the fuck on. Original IP’s? When did you hit corporate puberty and realize that original IP’s are pretty? I know, you are just going to rape them to death later on in life and wear their skin around the house, but I must say that the two IP’s you have given birth two this year are truly great. First we had Dead Space which the children ate up like razor blade Reeses Peanut Butter Cups and now we have Mirror’s Edge which is promising to be the most innovative first person perspective game in the past several years. I have my eye on you EA, I fully expect you to milk the hell out of your new found audience with micro-transactions, or I don’t think our relationship as I know it will last.

Mirror’s Edge is truly a blast to play. If you have not downloaded the demo yet, you owe it to yourself to check it out. I know the games are dropping from the sky like men and you may think that Mirror’s Edge is just one too many. I am here to say, just give the demo a try, if you like it (and I would surprised if you didn