Blip Festival 2008 Starts Tomorrow!

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If you live in the NYC area, get your ass over to The Bell House in Brooklyn one of the next few nights. Blip Festival is happening there starting tomorrow night and running through Sunday. They have almost 40 acts lined up. If we made any money doing this, you better believe the whole 8bit crew would be taking the Fung Wah bus to listen to the beeps, the bleeps, and the creeps for 4 straight days. More info at The Blip Festival website. Furthermore, let the world know you’re going to attend and see whole else is going by going over to the Festival’s event page at Yes, we’re big fans of here at [8bit]. If you love to go out, get into Going. Going makes it easy to see where everyone else is going, share what you like to do and the places you like to go, and check out who’s into stuff you like. I guess now you have two places to go, and the Blip Festival. Get to it!

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