[8bit Spotlight] Streamline Studios

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This week’s spotlight shines on a studio that is “behind” the scenes of game development. Streamline Studios, an independent developer, don’t necessarily develop the game you play but certain elements and aspects of it. Basically they are in the content creation business for developers – an outsource company that can do everything from concept art to high and low poly modeling to level design. They’ve done work on alot of AAA titles including Unreal Tournament 3 which they provided a full service solution: storyboards, level design, concept art etc. Remember all that destructible furniture in GOW? Yeah, that was them. They were responsible for modeling the NPC character group known as the stranded that are used in game and in cinematics. Outsourcing work is nothing new in the product business but its always cool to see who is the cause of why that couch blows up the way it does. For more examples of their work and to learn a bit more about the company head over to their official website