[8bit Spotlight] Ideaworks3D – Bringing You Mobile Gaming

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There’s no denying it – mobile gaming is on its way up. With phones becoming more and more powerful they’re also becoming a center piece of communication and entertainment. The
new ‘hot’ thing is developing apps for the iPhone and right behind it is gaming. Helping in that charge is a London based company called Ideaworks3D who have developed tools and middleware for developers to
port their content for mobile applications. They’ve worked with Konami in getting its hit series title Metal Gear Solid into a mobile form along with Project Gotham Racing and The Sims 2 Mobile among many others. All this is done by the use of Ideaworks3D Airplay SKD software which acts as a full management sytem for creating, developing and deploying mobile games and applications. For more info on Ideaworks3D check out their official site.