Term ‘Gamer’ Loosing Meaning With Mainstream Gaming

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It’s surprising that even in the economic situation the world is currently in video games somehow managed to not only stay afloat in sales but actually see an increase towards the end of ’08. That mixed with the popularity of the Wii among everyone – not just gamers – has caused a shift in how the industry is viewing its customers. Its not just the “lack-of-sunlight-stuck-in-my-mom’s-basement” consumer anymore – now gaming is appealing to the masses. With that is a change on how gaming is marketed and to who – which is obvious, but what isn’t as obvious yet is the effect these changes will take on the games themselves. Large audience usually leads to a diluted market of crap all looking the same just to make a buck. The New York Times has a surprisingly short article about the booming industry and how the term ‘Gamer’ could be on its way out as a way to identify consumers. Basically saying the demographic isn’t as specified as it once was.