Hacker: Revolution Untold Available for Mac

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Here’s a bone for all you Mac users out there. By the way just to get this out there a PC can do the same things as a Mac and a Mac the same things a PC can do. It just comes down to preference. Also technically a Mac is a PC – that’s just great marketing messing with your head. Now that I’ve started a computing war lets get to what’s really important – the game. Hacker Evolution: Untold is not a new gaming concept but looks like an improved version of it. I’ve seen ‘hacker-esque’ games before but none as polished as this. The title has you playing as Brian Spencer a young programmer working for a company he started with some friends – which has developed the technology that has pretty much taken over the world. When you are framed for the crime its up to you to prevent computers from becoming the next dominant species and clear your name by using your hacker skills. There are various features including custom level design – a modding editor is included to help make that easier (PC only). Although the story is kinda cliche I’m totally into the concept of the title and is right up the alley of programmers alike. Visit the official game site for more info, screenshots and a demo version.