[8bit Spotlight] Artematica::Games for People

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Artematica is a well known Italy based developer that embraces a varied demographic with it’s styles of titles, which concentrate on Graphic Adventure, Sporting Simulation and Kids Games (platform/action arcade). A majority of their games are currently available for PC but the developer has moved into making games for Wii, Nintendo DS, PS2 and PSP.  Their next title Diabolik: The Orginal Sin will available for DS, PC, PS2, PSP and Wii is a point and click style adventure/stealth title that has a classic Bond-esque spy feel. Diabolik is based on the comics created by the Giussani Sisters about a famous dark thief/enigmatic hero who is forced to submit to a ruthless blackmail in order to rescue his kidnapped girlfriend. The game will infuse comic style cut-scenes, those similar to Mirror’s Edge, as a way to graphically continue the story. The title will be distributed by Black Bean Games and is set to be released Spring ’09.

For screenshots and trailers visit the official developer site.