[8bit Spotlight] Sucker Punch Productions LLC

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Sucker Punch Productions LLC, a developer based out of Bellevue, WA, was founded in 1997 and has since created stylish, critically acclaimed character-based video games. Their most notable titles are from the Sly Cooper franchise for the PS2 which as a series sold over four million copies and took home some awards from both the IGDA and AIAS awards ceremonies for “Original Game Character of the Year,” and “Outstanding Achievement in Animations.” Before the Sly Cooper series they created Rocket: Robot on Wheels for N64. Now they look to develop their first next gen sandbox title, inFamous, which is a large scale super hero action adventure title exclusively for the PS3. inFamous will place players in an open world environment with some good vs evil type of decisions which will in turn effect the characters abilities and  plot outcome. After a massive explosion in Empire City an everday guy, Cole, is left with some Sith like super powers and must work through an evolving mystery which has him pinned as the culprit behind the blast. inFamous looks to ship in June and looks to be pretty awesome. For more info on Sucker Punch Productions check out their official site.