Bionic Commando Ships this May

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Capcom has announced Bionic Commando will ship to North America on Tuesday, May 19, 2009 for both Xbox 360 and PS3. BC first wowed folks about 20 years ago on the ole NES – actually I think we have a copy of that here in the [8bit Office]. In this reloaded version players take control of Nathan Spencer the ultimate fusion of man and machine. Robocop may have something to say about that but this isn’t about him. Nathan returns as a government op who after distinguishing himself in fierce conflict is betrayed by the very people he served. But of course there are bio terrorists that detonate an experimental device over Ascension City and of course there is only one option – reactive Nathan Spencer. Because if you didn’t – well you wouldn’t have a game now would you? BC will have an in-depth multiplayer mode via XBL and PSN. PC version of Bionic Commando is due to ship shortly after the console release. For game info visit the official Bionic Commando site.