OnLive Joining Console Battle Winter 2009

While the major consoles are trying to convince you to have another piece of equipment in your living room for that total media experience – OnLive is doing the opposite. Basically OnLive is like On Demand – but with video games that you can
play on your TV with the MicroConsole, on a PC or a MAC. OnLive, which has been in development for about 7 years now, is finally ready to be released to the masses come this winter. They’ve managed to partner with some big names including EA, Eidos, Ubisoft, Take2 and THQ among a few others. Although no pricing has been confirmed it is rumored that it’ll be a monthly fee – and there will be the ability to either rent or purchase titles this along with the purchase of the basic hardware – microconsole and controller. Some cool features include DVR-like abilities so you can record some of your gaming accomplishments to share with others. I for one am very interested in this and to see how it plays out. Although pricing is extremely important for this to work – more importantly is lag. If there is any at all what’s the point – you might as well pack up your servers and go home. For more info check out their official site.
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