Batman: Arkham Asylum Release Delayed…Of Course

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Batman: Arkham Asylum

Ugh. Get out the anti-release-date-delay spray. Seems like Batman: Arkham Asylum, the Batman title we’ve all been waiting patiently for and have been teased about for the last I don’t even know how long, has gotten pushed back again to late August. This game was set for June 25 and by all the previews, and what other blogs with access said, it looked pretty damn good and ready. Rumor has it – it could have to do with Eidos’ new parent company Square Enix, but who knows. Not like it wasn’t expected. I think with any large franchise / IP or hyped title you should expect it to get delayed. Too many hands in the pot and too much money at stake that everybody wants to make sure it’s perfect. It’s ok – we still have Prototype, Ghostbusters, Infamous and a few others to get through before we can kick ass with the Dark Knight.