Batman Arkham Asylum, Albeit Short, First Impression

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Batman Arkham Asylum

Today I was out and about running some errands when my trip took me to Target to pick up a new TV stand. The old bass amp as a tv stand isn’t cutting it anymore. As I was making my around the always hectic Target on a Saturday – I came across the electronics section. Which is directly across from the toy section – by the way the new throw back GI JOE toys – awesome. I always peruse the electronic section – it’s just instinct. As I walked through the gaming aisle I noticed a demo up for the PS3. As I inspected closer – I realized it was a Batman Arkham Asylum demo. My first thought was holy shit it’s out, but what happened to the late August release? I quickly scanned the games and realized what I thought was a random gem find – wasn’t. But I did get a chance to check out the demo…