EA Mobile Bringing You Summer Blockbusters

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Merchandise – merchandise – merchandise! Star Trek the lunch box, Wolverine the t-shirt, Harry Potter the doll and GIJOE the flamethrower – the kids really love that one. And now, thanks to EA Mobile all these summer blockbusters will be coming to your mobile phone. Yay! Excitement! Now you can step into your favorite characters shoes, mini ones at that, on your mobile phone in these most likely crappy movie to mobile game translations. Who knows maybe the mobile GI JOE will be better than what looks like a steaming pile of horseshit of a movie. But that’s just going by the trailer – hopefully the other hour and 45 min isn’t as crappy. Star Trek is already available on feature phones and the iPhone and Wolverine is available on feature phones. Harry Potter and GI JOE will be available in July to coincide with the movies because that’s how marketing works.