[8bit Impressions] inFamous

Oooo big exclusive. I feel like there was alot of hype around inFamous but at the same time it felt like everyone wasn’t sure or were indifferent to it being good. After reading a bit more about the title and Sucker Punch I started to hype myself up about it and I got excited. Then I played it and now I feel indifferent towards it. inFamous starts out great – title screen, hit start, boom. You’re right into the story. Nothing else. No menus – nothing. Just an explosion and wonder about what is going on or where this story is going. If there is one thing inFamous has going for itself it’s the story arc and intrigue. I was immediately interested in what was going on and actually getting to the bottom of it and mixed with very cool artistic graphic novel cutscenes made it that much more interesting. Too bad that is all that really stands out…
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