Protect Your iPhone In Gaming Style

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I’m borderline on thinking this is cool or just plain out stupid. I guess the idea of having an iPhone protective sleeve or purse – that’s basically what it is – is stupid and totally unnecessary. Isn’t that what your pocket is for? And the idea that a $100+ daily piece of equipment needs a protective pouch is annoying. You would think that it should be be able to protect itself for that price. Not break easier. Right, do you see where I’m going with that one? Either way, they’re out there and in gaming form as you can see by the above pic. Although, I do like the gaming concept and art effort put into it. There is also a PS One pouch that you can check out after the break, jump, post summary, just follow the damn link. Also, the Gameboy Pouch novelty item has already sold out via Etsy, but I’m sure the artist will be getting more up there soon – you hope. [source]