Castlevania Movie Gets Screwed, I Mean Sawed

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Any and all hope I had for Hollywood churning out a solid Castlevania film just blew up in my face like Danny Glover’s torso. James Wan, director of Saw and a movie about killer puppets has been tapped to direct Castlevania. Wan had my respect with Saw, and while it wasn’t the most visually interesting movie, it redefined horror (for better of worse) and showed what could be achieved with a small budget and a hard-on for Se7en. His career henceforth though has been less than inspiring. With Wan helming this flick I get the feeling that this adaptation is going to have a minimal budget. Castlevania is going to be the definition of a smash and grab. As if it wasn’t bad enough having Nintendo selling your youth back to you, now Hollywood is hip to the trend.