Rock Band Bar Nights; Get Drunk Look Even More Like An Ass

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Just when you thought karaoke couldn’t get any worse – enter Rock Band Bar Nights. Now going to the bar will be completely unbearable as you listen to drunken idiots screw up your favorite songs in even more annoying fashion through Rock Band. Not sure if you’ve actually heard drunk people play Rock Band but I have – it’s like watching a one-armed man shovel snow, fucking painful. Well the great folks at MTV and Harmonix have to decided to setup a program for bars to host their own Rock Band Nights and will provide exclusive content and product offerings – like getting 5 songs from the upcoming Rock Band Beatles earlier than the release date. This sounds like a marketing win win situation for everyone – except the listeners who are just there to wash away their lives with some of grandpa’s cough medicine. For more info check out the Rock Band Bar Nights official site.