Final Fantasy IV: The After Years DLC Available Today For WiiWare

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Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

Square Enix has announced today new downloadable add-on content for Final Fantasy IV: The After Years will be available through WiiWare. Personally, Final Fantasy IV was the best Final Fantasy. Mostly because it was the only one I actually finished. The new content – The Crystals “The Planet Eater” – is available for 800 Wii Points and requires 17 blocks. To sum up the content…the world is ‘cloaked’ in darkness aka f**ked while Rydia and Edge search for their old friends. Meanwhile, across town King Cecil of Baron confronts Kain, Rosa, and Ceodore in his own castle. On top of all that the world is being laid to waste. $64,000 question: Can anything be done to stop the encroaching shit show? Who knows. Most likely if you play the game. Check out the official site for more info on Final Fantasy IV: The After Years.