Arkham Asylum DLC Coming September 17th

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Just when I thought I couldn’t get enough of this game Eidos makes the official announcement that we will be getting some DLC this Thursday. Two FREE maps will be available for 360, PS3 and Games for Windows dubbed the ‘Insane Night’ map pack. The two maps, ‘Totally Insane’ FreeFlow Combat map and ‘Nocturnal Hunter’, allow players to test their ‘beat-the-shit-out-of-scores-of-lunatics’ skills and their within the shadows predatory skills. I’m close to finishing this game. It’s taken me a bit longer than usual but it’s one of those few games where I find myself looking in every nook and cranny and knocking out all of the accomplishments I can. I think only Assassin’s Creed had me this involved. These maps sound like they’ll just extend the awesomeness of this title.