Konami’s Zombie Apocalypse Hits XBLA and PSN Next Week

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Zombie Apocalypse

On the list of fun things to do – destroying hordes of zombies is definitely, in my opinion, in the top 5 and is something that will never get old. Because what better reason to shoot something than it’s semi-dead and wants to eat my brains. Konami is planning on quenching your zombie blood lust next week when it’s Zombie Apocalypse gets released on XBLA and PSN – Sept. 23 and 24 respectively. This arcade style shooter will have players armed to the tits with 11 diverse weapons. I guess that’s not really that armed. More like armed to the waist with assault rifles, flamethrowers, C4 f**king teddy bears and a chainsaw for those up close encounters. What is a zombie game without a chainsaw? Exactly. Nothing. Players can also take advantage of environmental hazards to destroy the massive undead hordes. 7 environments, 55 days of zombie attacks, bonus modes mixed with multiplayer capabilities make this a nice little ditty. 800 MS points or $9.99 for PSN.