Oktoberfest – The Official Game for iPhone? What?

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What. The. F**k.

I’m in a swearing mood today if you’ve read the last couple of posts. Mostly because stupid shit like this makes me swear. Other things that make me swear: stubbing my toe, cyclists in cities, loosing to ‘that guy’, people who try to tell me Harrison Ford isn’t awesome, and wind (the actual element – its f**king annoying). What do all of these things have in common? They suck. Oktoberfest the official game falls in between stubbing my toe and cyclists. Mostly because even though they suck, I can get over it and move on. This game makes no sense. Why would I want to drink pixelated beer? To get pixelated pahlastered? So I can make a pixelated ass out of my self? So I can hit on pixelated girls? Download Tetris instead.