PS3 News: 1 million Sold Worldwide, 250GB Bundles Coming and More

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So much to announce for PS3 I’m just going to put it all in one post. First off, Sony has tentatively announced that the Motion Controller, also a tentative name, will be available in Spring 2010. I’m sure that will change depending on when Xbox makes a move with Natal. There is a list of titles that will take advantage of the Motion Control come 2010, but I don’t really feel like listing them. Most are working titles, lame sequels eg High Velocity Bowling, or titles that don’t have any bearing, yet. Motion Control function will be added by a network update.

PS3 sells a million units since September 1. Again a tentative number provided by Sony. But I’m sure its not far off. This could be some cross over of the larger console or just the price point but I know I am one of those million units sold and loving it. Can’t wait for some of the big exclusives this fall. Down side – 2ft USB cable for the controller come on? Good thing it can go wireless.

Finally, some bundles to announce. A serious lineup for the holiday season including – 250GB PS3s with either FIFA 10 and Need for Speed Shift. Both bundles will be available throughout retail in October.