Boston 8-bit Presents: Nintendo Music Thursday, Chiptune to Your Ears

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Here’s something we can get behind – especially if it’s in our hometown. Boston 8-bit is a central location for finding out about Boston area chiptune/video game music happenings and artists. It’s pretty amazing to hear what these artists are coming up with by just using classic 8bit sounds. It’s probably not for everyone but definitely for those who have an attachment to those classic sounds. I know we do. If you’re in the Beantown area tomorrow night, 10/8, Boston 8-bit is putting on a show at Felt in downtown. Not a bad venue to get some attention. Doors open at 8pm show starts at 9pm and will go to about 11:30pm or so. $8 cover but all proceeds go towards the artist which is always nice to hear. Show will feature Active Knowledge, Br1ght Pr1mate and Oxygenstar. Check out their myspace pages and visit for more info on artists and upcoming shows.