Space Pirates From Tomorrow the Game; Can We Get The B-Movie Tie-In?

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Can this be made into a movie? Please, anyone? Just go with the title and this cover art and nothing more. I guarantee you’d have a B-movie cult classic on your hands. Well until then I guess we’ll have to settle with the indie game by MStar Games! SPFT lends itself to an interesting balance of classic 80’s gameplay and themes with the flexibility of the 360. Premise of the game – make cash, kill aliens and keep alive. That is actually my personal motto. SPFT has a completely random mission system meaning no two missions are alike. And with about 6,000 star systems to explore (yes, 6,000), trading missions, races and general free-for-all combat you’re looking at a minimum of 100 hrs just to visit all the star systems and alot of variety in gameplay. The title will release through Xbox LIVE Indie Games channel but not before the Peer Review testing which will begin Nov. 16th with expected release within 3 weeks. For more details about the game, screenshots and MStar Games visit their official site.