Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days….Can’t Wait?

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Umm yea so they’re making a sequel. Saw that coming, but after the first one’s hype machine lead to an OK game – I’m skeptical. Phrases like ‘never before seen visual experience’ is being thrown around and I’m not sure what to think. The game will follow the title characters as they wreak havoc in the gritty Shanghai underworld. Hence the foreign language in the logo. Apparently this ‘never before seen visual experience’ is inspired by documentary filmmakers and the user generated era. So crappy content presented on a shaky handy cam? Awesome. Well I might not be too far off – especially with these two “viral” videos: Bowling for Shanghai and Burger Joint. The bowling one is cool but the Burger Joint one makes no sense. And I’m glad that dog is ok. I hope this isn’t the ‘new visual experience’ cause I’ll throw it out there. It’ll suck. Work on a new Hitman game. Anyways, K&L Deuce is looking at a 2010 release check the official site for updates.