Madden 10 You Are Lame

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Rant time cause I’m annoyed right now. I’m just going to throw this out there; Madden 10 is a total disappointment of a game. I just don’t understand how EA can have one of the best sports titles ever, NHL 10, and right next to it the worst. Madden 10 does nothing better than it’s predecessors and is really just a roster update with a game flow downgrade. In between plays, cuts scenes and a pathetic half time ‘report’ are just a few of the annoyances this game has to offer. But isn’t the main reason I’m ranting or annoyed right now. I’m annoyed because I just wasted about 2hrs of my life getting through the playoffs and playing the super bowl, a win mind you, to be left with the shittiest championship celebrations in any game ever and then a wonderful black screen with just audio. Meaning, I really just lost. For Christ sakes, Tecmo Bowl had a better celebration. I think it’s trade-in time and time to fire up some hockey.