NHL 10 is The Bane of My Existance, Yet I Love It

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NHL 10. Great game. I’ve even reviewed and commented on how it’s the best sports title out there. That’s until recently. After taking a break from Red Dead Redemption – which is the cat’s ass by the way – I jumped back into the NHL saddle..er..skates. After a disappointing and pathetic real life Bruins loss in the second round I needed some personal redemption and outlet. So I’ve been hammering away at a new season using a custom team which I already had a season going with – only difference is I’ve bumped it up a difficulty level. Apparently with this minor change I’ve come across all sorts of bugs. The above image being one. 1900? Really? So they’re going to come back before they were even born? That sound is a fuse that just blew in my mind.

Although annoying…from a GM perspective it’s an easy fix and right now not an issue since they’re playable injuries. But may effect their trade value…if the game even factors that in, which I think it does. Other bugs I’ve come across since bumping up the difficulty level…

Pinned to the Boards….Forever
This was a nice little ditty. So the CPU was in my offensive zone. Doing the usual winger to the corner looking for the obvious centering pass which they pull off at an annoying rate. This time, I saw it coming. So I pulled one of my defensemen to make a play on the CPU in the corner – knowing the middle was actually covered. I came in and laid in one of those devastating hits where the player’s body just flops. Almost in slow-mo and definitely making the replay cycle. Safe to say, it broke up the play nicely. But as I transitioned to offense I noticed said defensemen was….stuck. Like just hanging out in the corner. Couldn’t move and I couldn’t take control of him. Ok so it’s 5 on 4 right now until I get a whistle. Fool me once stuck guy in the corner, fool me twice, shame on you. Three times, now this is a bug and you’re pissing me off.

Anybody Want to Get the Puck…No Really…Anyone!!??
This one was a gem. But thank Google it has only occurred once. The details of exact steps are faint but, I remember it started in the neutral zone and I was having a back and forth ‘stick-lifting’ contest with one CPU player. Then I remember a pass going to one of my players and he kind of just ignored it. So I switched players. Yea..he apparently didn’t want the puck either. It was like it had cooties or something. Just floating around in ice rink space. The CPU could grab it though, which was nice, for them. I could still make defensive moves such as checking but just couldn’t take control of the puck. Again only a stoppage of play would fix the issue as to restart the gameplay. But of course a stoppage of play in this case was either a shot on goal or an off-sides.

Now I know there are always bugs out there…hell that’s what I do for a living. And many more with this game. I just find it interesting that I didn’t start coming across issues until I bumped up the difficulty level (All-Star by the way). Which I’m not sure is a bug in itself. If I don’t shut them out or hold them to 1 goal. I’m not winning. But that could just be me sucking, which I’m ok with. Always room for improvement. But I noticed most EA sports titles are like this – the jump in difficulty is extreme. I could adjust sliders and what not to tailor to a more life like experience but I feel like I shouldn’t have to do that. Either way this last part is more of a rant since I just lost 6 in a row by a 1 to 2 goal margin and only scoring 4 goals in said 6 games. Safe to say – like the Bruins – that is not the way to win the cup.

Either way, NHL 10 has led me to the conclusion that it’s like a girlfriend…as much as it royally pisses me off at times. I f**king love it.