Make that Old NES into a DVD Player; I ask Why?

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I guess the hands on creativity and workmanship is noteworthy, but in the long run this is more of cock-tease. Let me explain briefly. A friend comes over, you have your sweet NES/DVD player out on display. Friends’ first thought: “Dude, awesome, you have a NES?!” Your reply: “Not really…check…this…out…” Friend: Are you f**king kidding me? It’s a DVD player?” ::all excitement lost:: Note, that reenactment was in quotes because it would actually happen.

It’s harsh but true. If you have an old NES that doesn’t work you have two options. 1) Make it work 2) Put it on the mantle as a display piece. I must say towards the end of this video – what the f**k is up with the in-out-in-out with the disc tray? We got it. It works. For those that actually think this is cool and want to get directions on how-to: Lifehacker