Another Pointless NES Mod; Again, I ask Why?

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NES Wireless Cartridge

Saw this over at kotaku today as I’m sure you did too, you Russian bot. Creative? I guess. Some level of craftsmanship? Sure. But just because I can solder the cats ass shut doesn’t make it right. Again we are faced with a…de-facing of classic nostalgia – for what? A wireless router? What’s appealing about leaving an NES cartridge out in the open (since what would be the point of hiding it, right.) but to yet again cock-tease. With all these mods and “cool” shit people can turn old NES systems and cartridges into – why not make them f**king work again? That’s impressive. That’s cool. Wireless routers are ugly for a reason…I think…I don’t know…who cares how they look they’re just supposed to work. But of course I’m not one to hold back on any level of creativity and hands on work so if you feel the urge to do this visit: