Sony Bringing NHL to PS3; Scratch My Back With A Hacksaw!!

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Funny enough I’m posting this as I’m watching the Bruins / Panthers game and I am a tad behind since this news came out last week but whatever. Bots don’t understand anyways. In a shot back at Microsoft in providing sports based content Sony has teamed up with the NHL to bring games, highlights and more, in HD to the PS3. Although the Xbox 360 has ESPN HD content which is huge, this is a big move for Sony who earlier this year teamed with the MLB and more recently is collaborating with Google TV. ┬áNHL on the PS3 is available for users with a subscription to NHL Game Center LIVE and a PS3 of course. The app for the PS3 costs $9.99 and if you don’t have NHL Game Center Live you’ll have basic access to highlights, scores and stats.