Viacom, Hello Goodbye to Harmonix

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Viacom: ‘hey this will be great! We own some brand called MTV, apparently it involves music – we also have a ton of money to throw at this. No, really we have a ton of money. We are literally everywhere. It’s awesome. This makes sooo much sense since you make a really popular music based game that has made tons of money, which we like.’

Viacom (the next morning): ‘Hey, yeah you know its just not working for me. It’s not you…well actually it is cause you’re not making the kind of money we expected. But, I mean it is our fault since we didn’t really know the explosiveness of the gaming industry, but we won’t admit that. Actually it is your fault. We need space.’

Viacom has announced plans to sell the Boston based Harmonix and has listed them as a ‘discontinued operation’ – which just sounds…mean. Viacom has recorded a $299 million loss in ‘discontinued operation’ which most likely includes the purchase price and some operation costs. For more words and quotes joystiq has more.