You Might Get GT5 On 11.24.10, But You’ll Still Wait to Play it

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Gran Tourismo 5

This f**king game. We finally get a release date that we can sink our teeth into – hopefully. It’s only a few days away so I think we should be good. But once you bring that sweet bad boy home you’ll have to (optionally) wait close to an hour to actually play the game. That is if you decide to download…all…10GB of this aluminum monster. There is an option to download in the background while you play but that’ll just take longer. Whereas the straight forward 10GB download up front will get you in your favorite Honda Accord in just under an hour. GT5 has won…it has made us wait, and now it makes us wait even when its in our hands. I wouldn’t be surprised if once I popped this game in it’ll eat my playstation grow legs and run out the door. Can’t wait. More details about the game over here.