What Is This A Chinese Democracy? Axl Sues Activision For Slash Likeness

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Axl Rose

Sha na na na knees – you in the jungle baby. This should be useless video game blog #2645 that started this story with a shitty and cheesy axl rose/GNR song reference. We’ve done our part. Axl Rose, out of¬†apparent boredom, is suing Guitar Hero makers Activision for $20 million for using Slash in 2007’s Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock. Axl claims the agreement “specified absolutely no reference ¬†to ex-axe man Slash or the band Velvet Revolver in association with ‘Welcome to the Jungle’. Again, the game in question came out in 2007. I’m guessing that last Chinese Democracy tour didn’t pay out too well. This isn’t Activision’s first go around with these types of lawsuits either – 2009 that annoying band No Doubt sued them for their portrayal in Band Hero saying they transformed them into “virtual karaoke players”. What? Either way, the use of someone’s ‘likeness’ comes on a pretty fine line and I’m still on the fence on how it’s called sometimes – but at the same time it seems the only people complaining and suing are acts that aren’t relevant anymore. It’s called a savings account. [hollywood reporter]