GT5 Is…LOADING…Beautiful

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After 6 years of development, multiple delayed release dates, an un-boxing of a non special edition, and a 40 min 8GB install – I finally can say it has come true. GT5 is here and it looks beautiful. Menus glisten and have this smoothness about them that only a classy stripper knows. Who cares if they at times don’t make any logical sense – they shine. Trees and clouds look more realistic than anyone over the age of 40 in Hollywood and cars have this unbelievable shine that even Armor All can’t compete with. And it all makes me happy. It’s the game I’ve known and come to love but bigger and waaaay f**king shinier. It’s the game that will waste away my hungover Sundays in between watching shitty NFC football games (in Boston if you don’t like the Pats that’s all you get). It’s everything I expected, and some, and I’m glad it’s finally here. It’s definitely a simulator and there is an abundance of hard-ons for cars, at times a bit too much, like a viagra ridden night stick just beating you over the head but if you’re into that…then it’s for you. That’s more of a compliment to the game than anything. Just two things really bother me – after 6 years of development and all the wait – how did they miss a basic typo like in the image above? You had 6 years – no proof reading time could be fit in? My other gripe is…LOADING.