NoiseES, an iPhone App We Can Definitely Get Behind

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Just in case you can’t get enough NES chiptunes – now you can take them on the go with the NoiseES (aka NES see what they did there?) iPhone and iPod Touch app. This sweet little app was developed by Shaun Inman a designer/developer from the Chattanooga, TN area. And we approve. So did iTunes which is great for Shaun and every other 8bit loving person out there. The app basically allows for the playing of NSF Files (NES Sound Format). And treats the files like ‘normal’ sound formats within iTunes. For a little background on the app check out some details from Shaun’s blog or read an actual review at 1up – since we’re too lazy…er busy to write one. You can get the app on iTunes (app description page, not a download) for $1.99.