Gurk; The Power Of 8bit In the Palm Of Your Hand

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I feel silly posting this now since this has been around for apparently a year. But, as people say when they’re running late for something and need a cliche excuse: better late than never. Gurk, a port from J2ME by the fellas at Larva Labs,  is an 8bit RPG for Android. It tells a classic tale of three adventurers (a knight, an archer and a wizard of course) who…um…adventure around ‘gaining experience and equipment while seeking out the villainous Braka, an ancient red dragon.’ And for the history lesson – ‘the original game was developed for the Nokia Series 30 handsets.’ That’s all the history I have. To be honest I haven’t tried it out yet which is dumb since this Android version sizes in at about 100k. But I do know someone who has…who showed it to me…which in turn inspired this post. He says it’s pretty awesome. So there you have it. Now get over to the Android Market and do what’s right. For not much more info head over to the original LarvaLabs post. [Thanks Rob L.]