Father Gamer: Alone

Max Payne 3 Father Gamer
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Hey folks, remember when I said the next Father Gamer would have to do with products? I lied.

I have more pressing matters to discuss. My wife didn’t leave me, but tell that to my liver. Last weekend marked the first time my wife and child took a trip without dear old me. I kept telling myself it wasn’t a big deal, and that surely I was over reacting. They weren’t going to die in a fiery wreck. Nothing bad was going to happen. They don’t need me all the time.

That last bit is what was working on my subconscious. I wasn’t honestly expecting them to get into a car crash, I was trying to make myself feel valued and needed. It is obvious to me now why men can come off like thundering morons blathering on about how much they do around the house…we really aren’t all that necessary. Obviously my child benefits from having a father (with a gamer score of over 50,000), but when you get right down to it, a good mom goes a long way…and my daughter has a great fucking mom.

So what do you do on that first weekend alone? You call some friends, you treat yourself to a fancy mexican dinner with margaritas and then you head (to 4 more bars) home and play Max Payne 3. Max Payne just clicks as a character when you are feeling boozed up and sorry for yourself. He is like John McClane soaked in bourbon and pain killers mixed with Philip Marlowe. If any of you fellas are coming up on a weekend without the wife and kid(s) I highly recommend getting a 6-pack and giving Max Payne 3 your excess attention. Just remember, just because you aren’t always needed, doesn’t mean your not always loved, you sappy bastard.