[Classic Cheats] Super Mario Bros. – Extra Life Edition

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Doubling down on this edition of classic cheats with not one, but two ways of earning those extra lives we all love so dearly. Of course there is the infinite life trick – but that’ll be covered separately since it deserves the attention. These are a bit more simple in execution. First up is the invisible block 1-Up. To get this one you need to collect all the coins in the third level of any world. For example, if you collect all coins in World 1-3 there will be a bonus 1-Up waiting for you in the first level of the next world – i.e. World 2-1. Of course it’ll be hidden in an invisible block but I’m sure you’ll find it.

Second up is the quick 8 streak koopa kill extra life. Turtle a koopa and hit it to the right of the screen. If you kill 8 in a row – boom – extra life. It’s been awhile but I think there are only a few spots where this works. [via BI]